Essential Preventative Maintenance

Restore Power to your Engine with Carbon Cleaning


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Restore lost power

Faster response at low RPM

Reduce engine noise

Reduce emissions

Save on repair bills

Increase MPG

Increase performance

Carbon cleaning is a unique hydrogen powered way of environmentally cleaning your engines induction and exhaust system. Traditional methods involve dismantling the engine or using chemical drip systems which are expensive and time consuming. With our carbon cleaning system we can create impressive results in 30 minutes.

How does it work?

Hydrogen gas is pumped into the engines air intake for around 20 minutes cleaning the inlet and exhaust system, cylinder head and valves as well as vital engine components. This is a non invasive 30 minute process.


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Restore Loss Power

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Engines tend to lose power as they age, Carbon Cleaning your engine can restore lost power and performance by cleaning vital engine components and sensors.

Potential Fuel Savings

With a cleaner engine you will get better mileage on your vehicle.

Stop costly repairs later

This service prevents build up of carbon on engine components which would require dismantling the engine in the future. Carbon Clean first to save money.

A cleaner engine will run more efficiently, fuel/air mixture and exhaust gases can flow without restriction and clean uncontaminated sensors will send the correct information to the engines management system allowing optimal performance and fuel consumption.

Reduce Emissions

A dirty engine creates more emissions. Through carbon cleaning your car will run greener every day.

Environmentally Friendly

No chemicals are used in the process of cleaning your engine.

A dirty engine creates more emissions. Carbon cleaning your vehicle will help to reduce these as well as protect the environment. Even the hydrogen used to clean your engine returns to water (H2O) when it cools, so the whole process is very green.

Customer Testimonials

The car is running smoother. It feels less bumpy and is accelerating better. I am looking forward to better miles per gallon. It was quick and easy. Thank you so much!
Kathy, Google review
Had car done by Chris at carbon clinic yesterday. Car drives like new. Smoother and better fuel economy . Give Chris a call . U won’t be disappointed . Thanx again Chris.Charl D J Stringr on Facebook
Top service with great results. Well worth the £99.Chris on Facebook
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