What a service and product!!!

Chris is a stand up chap and I certainly highly recommend his carbon cleaning service! Having the latest carbon cleaning technology as opposed to the older version which required chemicals being pumped in the fuel lines and then having to service the car after resulting in higher costs! Chris is equipped with the latest hydrogen technology which was a nice a clean process for both my cars.

Chris came to me and carried out the carbon cleaning service for both my cars. One of my cars is a BMW M3 (weekend car) in the picture shown and the other is my Nissan Cube (work horse car).

The difference in the engine performance is instant! It feels like both the engines are now breathing correctly!

Chris is a personable and reasonable individual and is great to deal with! Will certainly be using Chris just before my MOT to keep those emissions down.

Thanks for your service Chris. See you soon!Jas Singh

Great Service – It made an instant and noticeable difference to the performance of my Range Rover Sport which was having issues with Turbo sticking (2010 Reg). Smooth as you like and delayed the need to spend £4K on turbos and fitting costs!
Proskips UK
Thank you again for the great job on Saturday. Since I love my car, it is/was in a great condition anyway but it now drives like new. The change in increased acceleration, less noise, less vibration and the smoothness of the engine is beyond believe. You can hear the turbo spin happily as never before. It is an even bigger joy to drive the Phaeton now and that is thanks to your work.Dr Rich Khatib
I found a notable difference in my cars performance immediately. The acceleration flatspot that had developed over a few years was gone. Having had it done a few weeks ago I’ve also noticed performance gains in the MPG. As a regular driver of my car (Merc. C200) I’d highly recommend this for the money. It’ll pay for itself in MPG gains. Will be back!
Clive Renald